Clinical Board Advisors

Gregory Lemense, MD

Illuminate Clinical Board Advisor
After obtaining his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University, Dr. LeMense attended Medical...
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Jonathan Mates, MD

Clinical Board Advisor
Dr. Mates is a physician, informaticist, and leader, with over 19 years of experience in clinical care, healthcare tech...
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Peter Schneider, MD

Clinical Board Advisor
Peter A. Schneider, M.D. is a Professor of Surgery in the Division of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery at the University of...
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Julia Chapman, MD

Clinical Board Advisor
Julia Chapman, M.D. is a board-certified, fellowship trained gynecologic oncologist with Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute...
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Daniel Siegal, MD

Clinical Board Advisor
Daniel Siegal, M.D. is Vice-Chair and Associate Professor of Radiology at Henry Ford Hospital. Dr. Siegal received his under...
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Mark Perry, MD

Illuminate Board Advisor, Associate Professor of Radiology at KUMC and Section Head of Oncologic Imaging
Dr. Mark Perry has practiced Diagnostic Radiology for 30 years including 20 years in private practice and 10 years in...
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Board Advisors

Dimitri Zarboulas

Illuminate Senior Board Advisor
In his role as Senior Advisor at Illuminate, Dimitri is focused on product excellence and thrilling our clients...
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Mike Fiorito

Illuminate Senior Sales Board Advisor
As a Senior Sales Advisor to Illuminate, Mike's background and track record of helping companies grow and create...
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Lamia Youseff, PhD

Illuminate Board Technology Advisor
A computer scientist, technology leader and business executive, Dr. Lamia Youseff has held leadership positions in Fortune 10...
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Steve Baloff

Illuminate Board Advisor
Steve Balof has been the Managing Director at Advanced Technology Ventures since 1996. During this period, ATV invested more...
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Clinical Consultants

Rachelle Babin, MBA BSN RN, CEC

Clinical and Regulatory Specialist
Rachelle Babin brings a broad range of health care experience in leadership, operations, change management and quality. As...
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Myra McLenon, BS

Clinical Data Consultant
Myra McLenon holds a Masters in Biomedical Science and BS in Electrical Engineering, specializing in bioengineering. In her...
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Clinical Nurse Navigators

Charlene Gist BSN, RN, CV-BC, CCRN-K

Charlene has more than 20 years of critical care nursing experience. She is certified in both Critical Care and Cardiac-Vascu...
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Ann Rhodes BSN, RN

Ann has decades of experience in both clinical and administrative settings. With an extensive background in hemodialysis...
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Anna Perry BSN, RN, OCN

Anna is an Oncology Certified Nurse, and a graduate of Rockhurst University. With 13 years of experience with the University...
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Meredith Hickerson BSN, RN, CCRN-K

Meredith is a certified critical care nurse who brings multiple years of experience in delivering “hands-on” surgical...
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Physician Leadership

Steven Okuhn, MD

Chief Medical Officer
As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Okuhn leverages technological innovation to optimize patient outcomes on a large scale...
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Associate Leadership

Matt McLenon

President and CEO
With more than 27 years in the health care technology space, Matt is the founder, President & CEO of Illuminate. His passion...
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Cole Erdmann

Vice President of Marketing and Product
In his role as Vice President of Marketing & Product, Cole Erdmann is focused on leading Illuminate’s go-to-market strategies...
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Nick Shortle

Vice President of Client Services
As Vice President of Client Services, Nick is focused on customer success and delivering products...
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Heather Bossert R.T.(R)(ARRT) CVT

Director of Client Success
Heather is an accomplished health care professional with an extensive background both in clinical and corporate settings...
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Grant Isom

Head of Engineering
As Head of Engineering, Grant Isom leads the Illuminate Engineering organization. With almost...
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Tate Kernell, PHD

Head of Data Science
As the Head of Data Science on the Illuminate Discovery Platform, Tate leads the design and development...
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