IVC Filter

An estimated 275,000 IVC filters are placed in patients each year. Are your patients with IVC filter removals being managed as well as they can?

Ellen’s History of DVT

64-year-old female with a history of DVT and contraindication for anticoagulation. Retrievable IVC filter is ordered and placed to prevent pulmonary embolism.

Care team schedules treatment for retrieval. Ellen misses her appointment and is lost to follow-up.

Patient and Provider Value

When we call a patient to remind them about managing their IVC filter they are often confused and scared.

As nurses, we use this communication as an opportunity to reassure and educate the patient and empower them to be an active participant in their own care.

Patients and their families are consistently grateful that their health system invested in a solution that can improve and simplify follow-up care.

Discovery360 Key Benefits:

Illuminate helps integrated care organizations:
  • Improve Patient Outcomes with Targeted and Rapid Follow-up
  • Understand and Manage Progress Towards Organizational Improvement
  • Increase Revenue from Incremental Imaging, Testing, and Surgery
  • Reduce Medico-Legal Risk
Discovery360 is a multi-phase workflow solution that powers the identification, follow-up, and coordination of treatment for at-risk patients.

At one 700-bed hospital, we found 154 filter placements in one year, 122 of which were planned to be retrievable. 2 years later, retrieval had been attempted in less than 20% of those patients.

Benefits Across the Healthcare Organization

Benefits Across the Healthcare Organization

“With ActKnowledge™, we have the confidence of knowing that information on incidental findings is being delivered to our referring physicians and their patients.”

Mark McKinney, MD

Chairman, Interventional Radiologist; Associate Professor, Department of Radiology University of Tennessee


  • Identify patients whose IVC filter management may have been overlooked
  • Simple tracking and management of IVC filter retrievals


  • Reinforce their role in both diagnosing and capturing incidental findings and ensuring follow-up imaging is performed


  • Streamlines and simplifies referrals to specialist.
  • Integrates into current state workflow to support efficiency for providers.


  • Increased downstream revenue from interventional radiology


Further establish your hospital as being:

  • Proactive in maximizing patient care
  • Mitigating medical legal risk
  • Eliminating potential professional liability claims from missed diagnoses

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