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Illuminate InSight™ is a vendor-neutral, Google-like clinical search engine which provides your physicians instant access to any report in your hospital’s radiology, pathology, lab and clinical notes. The result is providers, residents, faculty, administrators and researchers can now break through information silos to utilize the exact information they need to improve workflow, increase patient outreach, improve patient safety and reduce costs.

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Illuminate InSight Search Delivers Relevant Results, Fast

Our patented data-ranking algorithm is engineered to deliver the most relevant, positive results from hundreds of millions of records—typically in less than a second.

Longitudinal Search

Dig even deeper with our two-part temporal search.

Patient-Centric Search Results

Patient Mode allows you to view results organized by patient.

Advanced Search Customization

Set complex search parameters, and filter/sort results as you need.

Alerts for Real-Time Updates

Receive alerts on patient follow-up, test results, quality issues and more.

Peer Learning Library

Insight bookmarks turn EMR documents into a library of information that is easy to access, search, and share with others.

Illuminate InSight Use Cases


A hospital director wants to know if internal educational efforts promoting the use of non-ionic imaging modalities among younger patients—a cornerstone of the Image Gently national safety guidelines—has resulted in dosage reduction for patients under 18.


Using Illuminate’s Insight Search, a radiologist compares all cases of patients younger than 18 being treated for appendicitis over the three-year educational period. 

By analyzing the hundreds of resulting cases, a trending report is quickly generated to measure the organization’s acceptance of recommended non-ionic modalities for its younger patients. 

The director is able to report that the health system’s educational efforts have successfully reduced CT doses by 25% to 30% for patients under 18.


With data retrieved through Illuminate, the hospital staff can ensure children will not be exposed to excessive amounts of radiation, dispel parents' concerns, and meet Image Gently’s national safety guidelines. 


A hospital’s urologists are interested in performing a clinical quality analysis regarding the complication of abscess drainage following a robotic prostatectomy procedure. Despite having an EMR at their disposal, they have no database search option available.


Using Illuminate’s Advanced Search, the Urologists key in the words “prostatectomy” and “drainage” and query nearly 5 million imaging records in the database.

In under a second, the search produces 30 relevant cases—complete with detailed procedure reports, radiology reports and images. Analysis leads to a change in the urologists’ CT-guided surgery techniques.


Surgeons and clinicians can use Illuminate to identify and review exams that will reveal ways to improve techniques and patient procedures.


Finding relevant cohorts of patients for research and other educational opportunities often takes hours, and sometimes days, to complete.


Using Illuminate Insight, researchers, professors, residents and others are able to identify and instantly retrieve relevant cases and organize them with bookmarks and tags as well as saved searches. 

Illuminate Insight helps accelerate group learning and discussion about unique findings and conditions.


Insight’s search capabilities empower users with the ability to search millions of clinical reports, documents and results within seconds, saving vast amounts of time per project.      

“For one project, we had to search through 10 years of data to find about 12 cases. Manually, that search would have taken days. With Illuminate®, it was a matter of seconds.”

Louis Wetzel, MD
Professor of Radiology and Anatomy
Vice Chair, Department of Radiology University of Kansas Medical Center
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