Who Needs Illuminate Solutions

Illuminate is assisting Clinical departments at top academic, community, regional and enterprise hospitals improve outcomes, mitigate risk to doctors and departments, increase revenue, improve patient safety and streamline workflow.


  • Provides a full patient picture at the point of read: clinical notes, radiology reports and images, pathology reports, lab reports and more. No EMR log-in required.
  • Access any comparison study in your system instantly to confirm or rule out a diagnosis.
  • Use Bookmark functionality to create searchable files for education, presentations and interesting cases.
  • Helps avoid additional and unnecessary imaging and pathology procedures.
  • Allows you to monitor the progress of questionable cases and at-risk patients to ensure they get clinical follow-up and optimal care.
  • Increases your involvement with patient-centric care without adding steps to your normal workflow.
  • Be instantly notified any time a patient has additional imaging or pathology studies.


  • Easily data-mine your entire EMR for path-proven research purposes, papers, conference presentations and other scholarly activity.
  • Build teaching sets and case series of comparable exams in minutes.
  • Facilitate learning through instant access of a patient’s relevant clinical history – notes, radiology, pathology and lab – to aid in residents’ diagnosis.
  • Quickly share new findings with colleagues and residents, and instantly find examples for comparison and teaching opportunities.
  • Receive immediate alert notifications when a new patient meets an area of research interest.
  • Track specific patient population types with instant ability to review matching documents for individual patients.


  • Track radiologist utilization to make well-informed and timely staffing allocation decisions.
  • Receive alerts of imaging quality issues to lower rescans and improve patient safety.
  • Quickly and easily gather the information you need for compliance documentation required by regulatory agencies.
  • Track critical communication with referring physicians and evaluate the outcomes of quality initiatives.
  • Search your entire record archive to instantly evaluate and adjust radiation protocols for any patient population.
  • Assign user settings by role for clinicians, resident radiologists, auditors, administrators and more with custom results based on their viewing preference.