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Lamia Youseff, PhD

Illuminate Board Technology Advisor

A computer scientist, technology leader and business executive, Dr. Lamia Youseff has held leadership positions in Fortune 10 companies and taught AI, cloud computing, technology transformation, and leadership at top Computer Science and Business schools. 

Dr. Youseff earned her Ph.D. in computer science from UCSB in 2009 before joining MIT as a Research Scientist (Postdoc). She also holds a Master’s degree in Business Management Sciences from Stanford Graduate School of Business. In 2011, she joined Google Cloud Platform to build and scale Google cloud. Next, she joined Microsoft Azure as a principal, working with large scale enterprise customers to migrate to the cloud and reporting to top Microsoft executives. Then, she joined Facebook to lead the ML platform program team. Today, Dr. Youseff teaches at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford Computer Science Department as a visiting research scientist and lecturer.