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Richard J. Flanigan, Jr., FACHE

Illuminate Board Advisor

Dick is an experienced health information technology leader with over 30 years focused on using information and data to drive fundamental change in healthcare.

Dick recently retired from Oracle Cerner Corporation where he held a variety of senior management positions. Dick led regional and national client organizations throughout his career including some of Cerner’s largest and most important client relationships. Dick spent a year in France assisting with Cerner’s business in France and continental Europe.

Throughout his career, Dick worked to identify and integrate eight companies into Cerner as part of targeted acquisitions. In 2014-2017 Dick led Cerner’s largest acquisition of Siemens Health Services and was President of Cerner HS with 5000 associates and operations in over a dozen countries. Dick led Cerner’s IT Outsourcing business Unit, ITWorks, with over 2000 associates in 35 client organizations. In 2020, Dick co-led Cerner’s COVID response to clients by organizing a multi-disciplinary team of over 400 associates working together to help clients address COVID in their organization and community. Most recently, Dick led Cerner’s Regulatory Strategy and Policy practices.

Dick is active in the KC community and his passion for healthcare is also shared in working with higher education. Dick serves on the Board of Donnelly College (former Board Chair as well) an urban private college primarily serving first-generation college students. Dick also serves on the Board of University of Missouri Kansas City. Dick is a member of the Ethical Use of AI Taskforce of the Center for Practical BioEthics.

Dick joined Illuminate’s Board of Advisors in June of 2022. He sees in Illuminate the promise of using EMR data to power the next era of smart decision-making in healthcare.