Illuminate’s Story

When our founder, Matt McLenon, first set out to build Illuminate, he imagined a collaborative process that involved bringing seasoned physicians & caregivers, administrators, business professionals and software engineers together to solve some of the health care industry’s biggest operational challenges. Not only that, he wanted to make sure Illuminate’s solutions made a positive impact in the lives of physicians and patients alike—and that’s precisely what he’s accomplished.

Illuminate clients—physicians, clinics, hospital systems, and more—trust clinical insights to guide their approach to care. So behind every Illuminate solution is a real-life story, challenge or insight that pushes our team to innovate beyond the status quo.

“The work we do and the products we build allow health care providers to focus on what’s most important to them: taking care of patients.”

- Matt McLenon, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

We are proud of our long history of working with a carefully curated team of experts and advisors. For us, there’s truly nothing more satisfying than collaborating to solve problems and improve health outcomes, and our commitment to this model is how we intend to continue leading the industry in physician-driven innovation.