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Meredith Hickerson BSN, RN, CCRN-K

Meredith is a certified critical care nurse who brings multiple years of experience in delivering “hands-on” surgical intensive and pre- and post-operative care and as a Unit Educator in Surgical Intensive Care at the University of Kansas Health. In these roles, she has been intimately involved in implementing division and hospital-wide initiatives requiring multidisciplinary collaboration across multiple departments. 

In her role as Nurse Navigator, Meredith seamlessly collaborates with vascular surgeons and primary care providers to implement and monitor the follow-up surveillance of at-risk patients identified through Illuminate Discovery360™ algorithms. Meredith also works with the Illuminate clinical team to continuously improve our workflows and surveillance protocols to fit the unique needs of each healthcare organization. Once set up, using IlluminateActKnowledge™ and the local EMR, Meredith monitors patient surveillance remotely, to ensure that at-risk patients are followed and treated as intended, resulting in improved patient care, reduced medical legal risk and identification of newfound revenue sources.