A Patient Record Integrity System for your EMR Data

Clinical documentation is at the core of every patient encounter, but studies have shown that 90% of physicians copy-paste to write daily progress notes. When copy-paste is used as a short cut rather than providing both patient-specific and episode-of-care information, a practice risks quality of patient care and opens the door to EHR-related medical professional liability claims—70% of which involve copy-paste practices.

Illuminate QualityEx™ is a comprehensive software solution that identifies duplicated patient data, rank your practice’s most egregious offenders, audit practitioners across an organization and provide actionable analytics to correct the issues.

Optimize Patient Safety

Identify and correct high-risk provider behavior.

Improve Compliance

QualityEx meets OIG recommendations for compliance.

See Immediate ROI

Reduce billing errors and avoid costly lawsuits.

Streamline Data Collection and Analytics

By reviewing all notes, the Illuminate QualityEx system proactively compares and ranks providers by their incidence of copy-paste frequency and tracks them after education efforts have been put into place. Side-by-side patient record comparison gives you detailed evidence of note similarities. In-depth analytics allow you to generate comprehensive reports, identify trends and spot specific risk situations like compliance with new bill coding.

Illuminate QualityEx Solutions

The Illuminate QualityEx Patient Integrity System comes with a Clinical and Regulatory Specialist ready to customize our software to meet your specific CDI program goals and objectives. This includes establishing or reinforcing best practices by working closely with all hospital stakeholders – providers, provider organizations, legal counsel, risk managers, quality assurance departments, health information specialists, insurers, vendors and regulatory organizations. When you partner with Illuminate, you receive an expert ready to develop CDI procedures and education strategies to drive improvements in physician compliance, patient care and billing accuracies.

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“For most organizations, identifying copy/paste in the EMR is a manual process. QualityEx is a game-changer, providing hospitals a solution to quickly and automatically identify the scope of copy paste issues, saving valuable time.”

Rachelle Babin, MBA, BSN RN, CEC
Clinical and Regulatory Specialist