QualityEx Note Cloning

Identify Risky Copy-Paste Activity in Your EMR System

By nature of their design, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems encourage physicians to grab a block of prewritten text and paste it into a patient record. But clinical documentation is at the core of every patient encounter, and it is problematic when copy-paste is used as a shortcut rather than providing both patient-specific and episode-of-care information. For any hospital’s CDI program to be meaningful, patient documentation must be accurate, timely and confirm the scope of services provided.

QualityEx Note Cloning reduces your practice’s risk by identifying collects and compares patient notes documentation within the electronic health record to identify high-risk provider behavior precipitated by the EHR’s copy-paste and copy-forward functionality.

Client Success

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Customized clinical documentation leads to better patient care.

Reduce Your Practice's Risk

Identify and address high-risk provider copy-paste behavior.

Establish Clinician Education

Develop training opportunities for clinicians who are identified as frequent users of the copy-paste function.

“Note Cloning allows our auditors to proactively and automatically identify high-risk provider behavior with zero effort. This allows us to provide focused training efforts to those who need it most.”

Reta Studnicka
Director of Compliance
University of Kansas Health System