QualityEx Physician Analytics

Identify and Correct Unsafe EMR Practices

Once QualityEx identifies inaccuracies, the Physician Analytics system proactively compares and ranks providers by their incidence of copy-paste frequency and tracks them after education efforts have been put into place. Side-by-side patient record comparison gives you detailed evidence of note similarities. In-depth analytics allow you to generate comprehensive reports, identify trends and spot specific risk situations like compliance with new bill coding.

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Analyze Trends

Gain insights into physician behavior across an organization.

Intervene Quickly

Provide immediate feedback to physicians to correct risky copy-paste behavior.

Manage Corrective Behavior

A simple way to improve workflow, internal communications and patient privacy.

“QualityEx allows our auditors to proactively and automatically identify high-risk provider behavior with zero effort. This allows us to provide focused training efforts to those who need it most.” 

Reta Studnicka
Director of Compliance
University of Kansas Health System