How One Anatomic Pathology Department Improved Their Efficiency, Clinical

Insights, and Job Satisfaction with Advanced Search

Anatomic pathology reports are very complex and text heavy, which requires pathologists to integrate clinical information from many different sources. Pathologists need a way to access this information quickly and efficiently, even though it may reside on multiple clinical IT systems.

This case study reviews how the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Anatomic Pathology department benefitted from implementing AI and Natural language Processing powered software from Illuminate to improve access all available patient data.

Read this case study to understand the following three key points:

1. Why pathologists no longer must navigate away from their reporting window to log into the EHR.

2. Why the pathologists were able to increase their efficiency and job satisfaction.

3. The clinical, operational, and financial benefits of integrating all available clinical information into the Illuminate digital cockpit.

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