Real-Time Patient Team Collaboration

COMING SOON! We're looking for a partner to work with us in implementing Messenger. If your practice or hospital system is interested in this opportunity, contact us today.

Developed specifically for radiology practices, Illuminate Messenger™ is the instant-messaging solution you never knew you needed, delivering rapid, secure communications between providers in an easy-to-use tool that integrates seamlessly with PACS for image sharing.

Illuminate Messenger simplifies collaboration between individuals or groups—like radiologists, pathologists, clinical staff, admins and more—whether you’re all located onsite or working remotely. And of course, Illuminate Messenger resides in a controlled, HIPAA-compliant environment that’s part of the patient team’s workflow.

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Share Studies in Real Time

Easily share studies for real-time communication and remote collaboration

Secure & HIPAA-Compliant

Protect patient privacy even when sharing patient studies for educational or research purposes.

Unique Functionality

Users enjoy a robust search functionality, admin messaging and customization.

Enhanced Efficiency

A simple way to improve workflow, internal communications and patient privacy.